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The measures going into effect on Tuesday also include a ban on public rallies or demonstrations of more than 10 people. Restaurants can provide only take out and delivery after 9 p.m., and public transportation will be limited after 10 p.m.

South Korea has saw the virus spread faster after authorities eased social distancing restrictions to the lowest level in October amid concerns about a weak economy.

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency Director Jeong Eun-kyeong said tightening guidelines was inevitable as a failure to slow transmissions now could “break the dam” in anti-virus efforts and result in a surge in infections nationwide that may overwhelm hospital systems. Denver Broncos Face Masks

Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane both are cut from Carolina ties in Charlotte. During his time as the Panthers defensive coordinator, McDermott worked with Dorsey, who spent five seasons developing former franchise quarterback Cam Newton. Washington Football Team Face Masks

"We took all of the data we had in hand and made the safest possible decision," Sills said. "All interactions are not created equal when it comes to risk."

Some options that may be out there (Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz) would qualify as no less than stern competition, if not an outright replacement if we’re talking someone like Stafford or Wentz. Cleveland Browns Face Masks

Happy 37th birthday, Aaron Rodgers, here's a first-round WR for a change
A panel of former players that includes Hall of Famer Curtis Martin, Warrick Dunn, Karl Mecklenburg and Leonard Wheeler will select four finalists from each conference, and they will be listed on the Pro Bowl ballot under the NFL Sportsmanship Award category when players vote on Dec. 18.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce understands the pressure that Kansas City will face as they look to repeat. However, his comments in a recent interview with Shanon Sharpe might have the Arrowhead fans feeling more confident than ever. Philadelphia Eagles Face Masks

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Bookmakers and bettors tried to keep up with all the players opting out for NFL or COVID-19 reasons during bowl season. Point spreads moved frequently and dramatically, sometimes based on nothing more than a rumor.


Among 70 players with at least 15 field goal attempts in the fourth quarter, his shooting percentage is tied for 68th. San Antonio Spurs Face Masks

"I just want to play better basketball this season. A lot of things last year [were] way too much iso basketball."

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are looking like legit young superstars, but it's rookie Payton Pritchard who has stolen the show for the Boston Celtics so far this season.

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Ranked Top 4 in both points (28.6) and assists (9.1) per game so far this season, Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young is the inaugural leader in our first MVP rankings of 2020-21. Despite a questionable loss to the feisty New York Knicks Monday night, Atlanta's strong start to the season, one that has them sitting 4-3 through seven games and boasting the sixth-highest net rating in the league (+5.6), is a big reason why Young finished No. 1 in our first MVP ranking. Young has been in the news lately for more reasons besides his elite-level play, however, as there has been controversy surrounding the manner in which he likes to draw fouls, where he stops running on a dime in order to get defenders who are chasing him to crash into his body. Young has used this method to lead the league in nightly free-throw attempts (12.1) and rank first in free-throw rate (0.675) among guards. Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash isn't exactly a fan of Young's foul-drawing process, telling collected media last weekend that it's 'not basketball': Invalid consumer key/secret in configuration Nevertheless, there's no doubt Young has been one of the brightest stars in the NBA thus far in 2020-21, and that, coupled with the Hawks' equally impressive start prior to the loss against the Knicks, was enough to get him a first-place finish in our inaugural MVP rankings. Detroit Pistons Face Masks

If Pritchard keeps playing like this, it could make it easier for Stevens to keep Smart with the starting group even after Walker returns. Orlando Magic Face Masks

Suffice it to say, this won’t be the only time Irving or Durant will miss a big shot this year but there are plenty of makes coming as well.

"For a rivalry to last 70 years, everything needs to be perfect. The Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers have that. Location, pride, superstars, surprises, game games, and of course violence, have all been apart of the two teams’ history. From the era of Bill Russell against Wilt Chamberlain to Larry Bird facing Julius Erving, and now two young Celtics and Sixers teams filled with potential stars which are both emerging to be powerhouses for a long time, the rivarly has stayed strong. Cleveland Cavaliers Face Masks


"The fire chief -- Bill Maxwell was his name -- told me that one time he was going through some of the baseballs that Clyde had given him, and there were autographs on them. He said he went up to him and said, 'Clyde, Reggie Jackson signed this ball!' And you know what Clyde told him? He said, 'Ah, that's OK, the kids won't mind.'" MLB Face Coverings Online Sale

The A’s left field position currently has plenty of options. Mark Canha started 15 games in left field next season and could see an expanded role. Chad Pinder was brought back to the team on a one-year contract and his versatility proves he can play anywhere with success.

Kurkjian: My favorite rumor at the winter meetings wasn't a rumor for long, and, like so many rumors, turned out to be nothing. Phillies GM Paul Owens, "The Pope," as he was known, was a character. Famously, after several drinks at 1:30 a.m. at one winter meetings, Owens, dressed in a coat and tie, demonstrated the proper way to execute a hook slide on the floor of the lobby bar. At the 1979 winter meetings, Owens called the Phillies beat writers at 2:30 a.m. to tell them that he had just acquired Sutter. The writers, at least for a minute, thought he meant Bruce Sutter, the star closer for the Cubs. Owens laughed mightily, then told the writers that the Phillies had acquired a minor leaguer, pitcher Burke Suter. Los Angeles Angels Face Coverings

"I've also just randomly been playing Call of Duty with Steven Duggar for a while now," Casali said on a Zoom call Tuesday.

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Kurkjian: The biggest splash at the winter meetings was made in 2000 in Dallas by the hometown Rangers, with owner Tom Hicks leading the way. The Rangers signed free-agent shortstop Alex Rodriguez to a record contract worth $240 million, twice as much as any team had offered. It was a stunning amount of money back then. Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras, set up in the hotel lobby, and explained every line of the contract to all who wanted to listen. Rodriguez had three brilliant years in Texas, with a combined OPS of 1.030. He finished sixth, second and first in the MVP balloting. He won two Gold Gloves. But the day of the deal, a member of the Rangers told me, "He's great, but this was a bad signing. We don't have any money left for anyone else." Indeed. The Rangers went 216-270 in Rodriguez's three years, finishing in fourth place each year in the American League West, a combined total of 99 games out of first place. On the final day of the meetings, an ice storm of biblical proportions clobbered the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Was it a sign of things to come?

A week late but I’d like to thank the Padres for that small bit of excitement! Refreshing to see! MLB offseason have become the worst in terms of action and keeping fans excited..Also..when the hell are we starting this year? Feb? March? It’d be nice to let us know maybe... @MLB New York Mets Face Coverings

Clubs are being instructed to provided spaces for visiting players that are covered and outdoors, and that home and visiting teams must have access to areas where personnel can socially distance during weather delays. Players are being told to use those outdoor areas as much as possible, rather than linger in the clubhouse. Seattle Mariners Face Coverings


I’m told it’s $8.8 M x seven years for Pietrangelo in Vegas t.co/hVyz9OAzzw Nashville Predators Team NHL Face Coverings

Ondrej Kase, traded to the Bruins, is a really really good top six winger at even strength who is having a bit of an off-season by his standards. #NHLBruins pic.twitter.com/fgtAGGDw2T

This line wasn't too noticeable on Tuesday. Entwistle recorded 26 points (11 goals, 15 assists) in 56 games with Rockford last season. Chalupa recorded 24 points (7G, 17A) in 50 games with HK Hradec Kralove of the Czech Republic League last year. Hagel had 31 points (19 goals, 12 assists) in 59 games with Rockford last season and was voted the "most competitive" prospect by the Hawks' scouts.

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St. Louis signed Torey Krug to a seven-year, $45 million contract to shore up the blue line and came to terms with Vince Dunn on a one-year contract extension. The Blues got to know Krug well when they faced his Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final in 2019. San Jose Sharks Team NHL Face Coverings

Montreal lent Jesperi Kotkaniemi to Assat of the Finnish league. Kotkaniemi is under contract to the Canadiens, so NHL teams “lend” players to other teams.

There are two main types of fantasy hockey leagues: Head-to-head points and rotisserie. In head-to-head point formats, you face an opponent over the course of a week, and the highest point total receives a win. Rotisserie formats tabulate your team's stats across categories and rank them against your league competitors. At the end of the season, the more categories you're highly ranked in, the better you do. Seattle Kraken Team NHL Face Coverings

Due to NHL’s expanded format, the Chicago Blackhawks made the playoffs this past season. They also won a qualifying round series before bowing out in the traditional first round. So any signs of a rebuild was sure to not sit well with some veterans, including Jonathan Toews. Buffalo Sabres Team NHL Face Coverings


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