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"The fire chief -- Bill Maxwell was his name -- told me that one time he was going through some of the baseballs that Clyde had given him, and there were autographs on them. He said he went up to him and said, 'Clyde, Reggie Jackson signed this ball!' And you know what Clyde told him? He said, 'Ah, that's OK, the kids won't mind.'" MLB Face Coverings Online Sale

The A’s left field position currently has plenty of options. Mark Canha started 15 games in left field next season and could see an expanded role. Chad Pinder was brought back to the team on a one-year contract and his versatility proves he can play anywhere with success.

Kurkjian: My favorite rumor at the winter meetings wasn't a rumor for long, and, like so many rumors, turned out to be nothing. Phillies GM Paul Owens, "The Pope," as he was known, was a character. Famously, after several drinks at 1:30 a.m. at one winter meetings, Owens, dressed in a coat and tie, demonstrated the proper way to execute a hook slide on the floor of the lobby bar. At the 1979 winter meetings, Owens called the Phillies beat writers at 2:30 a.m. to tell them that he had just acquired Sutter. The writers, at least for a minute, thought he meant Bruce Sutter, the star closer for the Cubs. Owens laughed mightily, then told the writers that the Phillies had acquired a minor leaguer, pitcher Burke Suter. Los Angeles Angels Face Coverings

"I've also just randomly been playing Call of Duty with Steven Duggar for a while now," Casali said on a Zoom call Tuesday.

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Kurkjian: The biggest splash at the winter meetings was made in 2000 in Dallas by the hometown Rangers, with owner Tom Hicks leading the way. The Rangers signed free-agent shortstop Alex Rodriguez to a record contract worth $240 million, twice as much as any team had offered. It was a stunning amount of money back then. Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras, set up in the hotel lobby, and explained every line of the contract to all who wanted to listen. Rodriguez had three brilliant years in Texas, with a combined OPS of 1.030. He finished sixth, second and first in the MVP balloting. He won two Gold Gloves. But the day of the deal, a member of the Rangers told me, "He's great, but this was a bad signing. We don't have any money left for anyone else." Indeed. The Rangers went 216-270 in Rodriguez's three years, finishing in fourth place each year in the American League West, a combined total of 99 games out of first place. On the final day of the meetings, an ice storm of biblical proportions clobbered the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Was it a sign of things to come?

A week late but I’d like to thank the Padres for that small bit of excitement! Refreshing to see! MLB offseason have become the worst in terms of action and keeping fans excited..Also..when the hell are we starting this year? Feb? March? It’d be nice to let us know maybe... @MLB New York Mets Face Coverings

Clubs are being instructed to provided spaces for visiting players that are covered and outdoors, and that home and visiting teams must have access to areas where personnel can socially distance during weather delays. Players are being told to use those outdoor areas as much as possible, rather than linger in the clubhouse. Seattle Mariners Face Coverings


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