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Have folks been succesful in signing into either the Newtoncity BBS or the newtoncity.org:2000 email? I am (obviously) registered and logging into newtoncity.org but the email site says "Wrong Password". I register with the BBS software, and when I attempt to log in, it says 'Unknown User'...


herbert is friends with Newton

hello there! anyone has a emate 300 power adapter to sell? 

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The instructions on getting the ROM image are here: newtoncity.org/index.php?option=com_cont...icle&id=2&Itemid=214 ("Newton ROM" in the menu bar above)


Ulrich created a new topic ' Get a ROM for trying Einstein' in the forum. 8 months ago

Hi, i have defekt MP2100 , powerswitch,
so How can i get a ROM to try Einstein from M. Melcher
on my Windows or my Linuy Mint Box.
Thanks , with best regards Ulrich.


My good old MP2100 has an defect power switch ?

Try restart some tired MP

Marisa Giancarla is friends with herbert

I no longer have a Mac and so I'm trying to get Einstein working on Linux to no avail...anyone have any instructions for Linux noobs? I can't run the shell script from the terminal Alternatively, I'd take an .ipa iPad app to sideload!

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Hi Leslie, what kind of environment did you use? I may still have something usable available.

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