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Tony Velasco is friends with Mark Kuberski

I'm wondering if anyone has tried the new iPad OS 13 with Einstein, and does it work?


Apple Pencil meets Einstein on Apple Newton...

I have Einstein on my iPad using vintage Apple Newton MessagePad tech on new device

Newton Star Trek Story

Animation created by NewtPaint on my Apple Newton 130

I used to use my MessagePad 130 daily to take notes at work.  I started to run out of space, and saving notes on my Newton cards did work so well, so I... Show more

Mark Kuberski created a new group 2 months ago

Using the Apple Newton Daily

How do you use your Apple Newton?

Just noticed that the newton native downloads are not working. If you use https it works so it must be related to the plain http on port 80... Show more

Marisa Giancarla Switched it to using anon FTP, which probobly works better on a Newton anyway... URL is 7 months ago

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share a working email setup (Einstein Compatible).

It is not perfect mind you, because it needs for now 2 different email servers.
Yet people when reply, they do reply correctly, to the email you can read from your Newton, thanks to configuration of the "Reply-To" feature.

I wish I could find one server that works for both, but after a some time trying (a tad bit more hours that I am proud to confess), this is what I got working for now:

It uses for incoming emails and Dynonames for outgoing BUT, thanks to the Reply-To feature, when people reply, apparently, they do reply to the correctly (if all is configured well, as explained bellow), even if the emails are actually send through the other server (Dynoname's


One Time Setup Things:

- Make a Backup (you can just backup the ‘Flash’ file in the Einstein folder if you are using it) (Why? because you need 2 owners at some point, and somehow, it can change your current owner and affect adversely registered programs, if you cannot maintain your original Owner name card as the first one).

- Simple Mail (I could not make it work with Mail V)
- Two Owners setups…. One for Incoming email setup, and another for outgoing. (more about it later)

- An Marisa provided email. Thanks Marisa!!
- An Dynonames, paid, web hosting mail… (not the best part, not free, but it works) (please if you now any free solution that actually provenly works, please let me know to update this option for a free one!)

While in the Inbox drawer, in SimpleMail prefs, in the “Sending” bit of the Page button:

- Always cc: to your sending email (Why? Sent mails are not stored on the Sent Folder of any Server, so this is the only way for you to keep a copy).

- In the SimpleMail Basic Page, I have the first 4 options checked ok.
- “Send Now” is suggested if you have a permanent connection to the internet.
- I checked “Browse Mail” while connecting, in case a Too big email comes.
- After Sending I chose “Log in Unfiled Items” to save space, but feel free to put what you fancy.

Since all works, but still experimental, I rather go for the "Sort By Status” to make sure everything went in the Inbox Prefs (not the SimpleMail prefs).

In The Owner App:

- One for Sending: I use my main Name + the word “email” for the sending owner.
Here you configure The Dynoname’s
Not only add your regular domain email from Dynames, also add another email, (Just Email option on Add), regarding your email.
(Important: You won’t see this entry, but it's ok, it is done, you can see it with the “Show More” option in a button).

- One for Receiving: I use my regular owner card, the one with just my name for the name.
Here you configure details for retrieving email. (but I checked IMAP, not POP I believe).

On the Dynonames Web email option:

- In Settings > Personal Settings > Identities > I added my <herePutYourUserName> email as a new Identity.
Where you put your own username instead of the "<herePutYourUserName>" bit.


If all went ok, select email, and make sure you select Name+Email owner, and select your email, if you wish people to be able to respond in a way you can read their reply in your Newton.


Go to Inbox, select you Regular Owner (without the “email”) to read your email from your email.


I hope this helps someone!
Any comments appreciated!

Tips: After receiving email, SimpleMail remains connected. Web you press the Star button on the top to disconnect, be patient, for it to start disconnecting (it was not a good Idea to play with other buttons while this started to happen). But if a couple of seconds pass, and there is no disconnect, you can consider a reboot. Suggest having it configured in the “R” in your dashboard (it takes less than 15 seconds for a reboot, but this might vary depending on the host).

If you have a better setup than this one, please share!

Thanks a million!



Martin created a new topic ' Newton Relaunch 2021 Wish List' in the forum. 8 months ago

Let's Dream and Plan what things could be included in the Virtual Relaunch of Newton for Android systems.

- Email Capability (maybe thru a custom server we / I send to be made that could partly translate things to be better understood by Newton.
- Print to PDF.... All this wonderful Sketches, Drawings could leave to the world without limitations.
- A Shop!!! Like an App Store of sorts.... First web, then maybe, in the newton itself :)

This is a possible first wish list.

Then send Pre-2021 to Tech Savvy people, like Steve Wozniak, to see and ask their opinion.

It is not much of Plan, but a Start. Any Suggestions?


Marisa Giancarla replied to the topic 'New member, Martin' in the forum. 8 months ago

Hello, nice to meet you!


Martin is friends with Marisa Giancarla

Martin created a new topic ' New member, Martin' in the forum. 8 months ago

Hi everyone!

My name is Martin Ossio.
I loved my Newtons.
Unfortunately now I don't have them at the moment, and I am surviving with Einstein on a Note 9.
I miss my wonderful Newton pen dearly.
I hope to outbit myself a other Newton on ebay soon.

I am in the process of finding how to send non-text emails with the help of services.
And hope to become a Newton evangelist, once my Newton starts sending email :)

Thanks a million!



Martin created a new topic ' Newton Forever!!!' in the forum. 8 months ago

Although I miss my original MessagePad 130 (which I lost some time ago), I have reconnect with my Newton through Einstein.
While I get to outbid for one in eBay, I am very happy with Einstein for now! :)

Please I really need to connect to send and receive emails (ideally, with the drawings (more than Eudora)).

I have enrolled in, I have read the ports, but not the main part: the server name.

I have tries

But none seem to work with Mail V.

Maybe I am doing something awfully wrong?

Please I would be very grateful for any tips!

Thanks a million!



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