Just noticed that the newton native downloads are not working. If you use https it works so it must be related to the plain http on port 80... Show more

Marisa Giancarla Switched it to using anon FTP, which probobly works better on a Newton anyway... URL is ftp://newtoncity.org/ 5 months ago
Marisa Giancarla replied to the topic 'New member, Martin' in the forum. 6 months ago

Hello, nice to meet you!


Martin is friends with Marisa Giancarla

Hypercard (1987)

An introduction to Apple's Hypercard. Guests include Apple Fellow and Hypercard creator Bill Atkinson.


Une petite explication sur le Newton MessagePad 130

Einstein Newton OS emulator

Einstein Newton OS emulator for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

Unboxing Vintage PDAs!

I bought some PDAs to add to my collection...let's take a look at what I ended up with! Image credits: Palm Graffiti reference:...

Sharp Zaurus ZR-3500X PDA Showcase

In this video, I showcase the Sharp Zaurus ZR-3500X PDA, an old-school mobile device that helped pave the way for today's smart phones and tablet...

Apple eMate 300 boot & tour (1997) - nickkie.com

https://www.nickkie.com/2015/12/27/apple-emate-300/?pk_campaign=youtube-discription&pk_source=youtube&pk_medium=discription How nice, a 1997 laptop...

The newton emate 300 - A 7-inch tablet you may...

A video from my old channel. I am not an idiot. I know that this is not an actual new 7inch tablet. I just think that it would work as one. I put...

Worldwide Newton Conference 2009


Vintage PDAs

A couple of vintage PDAs - a Tandy Zoomer Z - PDA, and an Apple Newton MessagePad. Please Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!...

Apple Prototype Clear eMate 300

Update 12-17-09: Item Sold on eBay ebay Item number:190358046198 http://www.tinyurl.com/y93bxn3 Without the Apple eMate 300 there would have been no...

Computer Chronicles 1993 PDA Review Part 2 of 5

Computer Chronicles was a tech TV show screened between 1981-2002. This is a 1993 review of several PDAs, in 5 parts. Pt 1: Sharp Expert Pad, Psion...

EEVblog #696 - Apple Lisa Retro Computer Teardown

Dave tears down the 1983 vintage Apple Lisa, the first graphical user interface machine that pre-dates the Macintosh. Teardown photos:...

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