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PCMCIA Wi-Fi on Amiga Newton, HP200LX & Jornada...

Testing out 802.11n / WPA2 Wi-Fi on a couple devices. If you are interested in one of these cards please fill out this form if you get a chance:...

Ulrich Wow its super cool. where can i build or get the details if the pico pcmcia board?
thanks UliZulz from Germany.
1 month ago

Marisa Giancarla is friends with Ulrich

Newton (and Mac) OS Architect - Steve Capps

Steve is responsible for some of the biggest ideas in classic and modern operating systems. Many of the most clever features in Newton OS, MacOS,...

Ulrich a very good story from the past and foundation of Newton 3 months ago

Marisa Giancarla is friends with Andy Chen

ICS (Innovative Computer Solutions) have released most of their Newton software to github. They also released a key generator for their shareware... Show more

Apple's Weirdest Laptop Ever!

Today's Spotlight is on the Apple eMate 300 laptop. Created in 1997 by Apple for the education market, it was manufactured for only 10 months before...

Ulrich very nice presentation of the good features if newton os.? 5 months ago
Ulrich ? 1 month ago

The Apple Newton Messagepad 120. Testing and...

In this video I take a look at the Message Pad 120; Apple's first tablet PC. At nearly 30 years old will it still work or will it need a tear down...

Hiya Sony TEL - welcome!

Marisa Giancarla is friends with Sony TEL

Marisa Giancarla is friends with Don Walton

How to repair the Apple Newton MessagePad 130 -...

I was donated this 26 year-old Apple Newton MessagePad 130.It was literally dead, and I accepted the challenge to try fixing it.But with battery...

Unboxing a SEALED Newton MessagePad 100 (After...

Win iFixit Tools! Each week, one lucky fixer who shares a photo of their repair at #fixitfeb will win a Pro Tech Toolkit! Last day to enter is Feb...

Apple - Here's to the Crazy Ones (1997)

This spot was released to initiate the Think Different campaign in 1997. Here's to the reasons we stick with Apple through the ups and downs.

Apple Think Different ad, Narrated by Steve Jobs...

People by order of appearance:Albert EinsteinBob DylanMartin Luther King Jr.Richard BransonJohn Lennon & Yoko OnoBuckminster FullerThomas...

Fixing the Fatal Flaw with Apple's 1997 eMate 300

Apple's eMate 300 laptop from 1997 was based on its Newton PDA platform. Its relatively tough exterior meant it was great for schools, but some...

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